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Natural Stone Polish & Restoration

What does this service do?

Natural Stone Polish & Restoration to marble, granite, travertine, basalt and all other natural stones takes worn, etched and damaged stones and restores the finish to a new or better than new surface.
Our service specialises in polishing and restoring natural stone, using both our specialist diamond and mineral products, correct equipment and well developed techniques Stellar enhances the lustre or ‘glossy shine’ of the stone to the desired or appropriate level. Although stone is very much a surface that is durable it will also wear with traffic and the environment, needing upkeep to maintain the polished new look. Our service does just that.

How does it work?

Using a combination of techniques, state of the art Diamond polishers and our specialist mineral stone products the stone is polished and in some cases resurfaced to produce a low-sheen or hi-sheen finish dependent upon your requirements.

How will it look?

The finished result really depends on the level of polish you select or the maximum lustre (sheen) that will be produced from a polish treatment in a particular stone. There are also sealing treatments that can compliment this service producing differing finishes for example our enhancing treatment with ‘draws’ the character out of the stone highlighting features like crystals, grains and colours. This enhancing treatment will also enriching the finish.

How long will it last?

The life of this treatment will vary depending on the stone type, traffic volumes and correct periodic maintenance being carried out.

Ask your Stellar Technician to advise you on your particular stone surface.